Sebamed PRO!

Sebamed PRO! is a facial skin care line formulated with Probiotics – the newest innovation in skin care.  This newest addition to the Sebamed line of products offers DUAL strategy to counteract premature skin ageing.

  1. pH5.5 – the natural pH of healthy skin, strengthens the skin’s protection barrier from the outside
  2. Probiotics – an innovative probiotic care agent ProRenew Complex CLR™ encourages healthy skin cell regeneration to delay skin ageing process, strengthens the skin’s protection barrier from the inside

Sebamed PRO! consists of 3 ranges: Prevention, Vitalization and Regeneration. Each range within Sebamed PRO! is tailored to different skin age to help counteract factors that promote skin ageing due to environmental influences such as harmful germs, irritants, UVA rays, loss of moisture and slowing down of skin cell regeneration.

Prevention Range: Prolongs skin’s youthful appearance
Vitalization Range: Delays skin ageing
Regeneration Range: Reduces signs of skin ageing

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