Dry Skin

For those who has dry skin, it is very important for them to use a moisturizing and nourishing skin wash and body lotion. These people may experience dry and itchy skin. The main reason is because many other brands contain soap or alkali based ingredients in their products. Alkali ingredients and soap is the opposite of what our skin needs. Which is why all our Sebamed products are formulated at pH 5.5; mildly-acidic formula to build the skin’s natural protective skin barrier. If you have used unsuitable alkali type cleansers for a longer period of time, your skin is influenced to become more alkali. At an alkali state, your skin’s natural protective barrier breaks down. It is not able to then protect your skin from attacks from fungus, bacteria that causes acne. At the same time, the alkali or soap ingredient that may be present in your skin cleansing or skin care product may be too aggressive on your skin that causes sensitization and dryness of your skin. In order to sustainably solve your problem and maintain healthy skin, the key is to use a suitable pH 5.5 skin cleanser and skin care products in order to firstly, help you restore and rebuild your skin’s protective skin barrier. The loss of oil glands as we age may also worsen dry skin. Anything that further dries the skin such as overuse of soaps or hot baths will make the problem worse. If your skin is very dry and itchy, consult a doctor because this condition can affect your sleep, cause irritability, or be a symptom of a disease. Some medications has side effects of making your skin dry and itchy.


  • Restore your skin’s acid mantle with soap-free cleanser to counteract dehydration and external irritants
  • Supply your skin with oils such as Avocado Oil and anti-inflammatory, Phytosterols to prevent irritation, itching and tension

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