Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma Soft Wash Emulsion 200ml

  • Amino acids based cleansing complex makes it an extremely mild & moisturizing cleanser without dehydrates the skin
  • Prevents irritation and further drying of skin
  • Panthenol helps in soothing irritated skin and regenerates skin
  • Vitamin E protects against harmful free radicals
  • Conserves skin moisture and protects the skin natural acid mantle
  • Suitable for atopic dermatitis, chemotherapy patients, post-laser treatment, senile xerosis , dry facial and body areas


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Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion is a soap-free cleanser that protects the skin against dryness and irritation during cleansing. Formulated with the same pH 5.5 value of healthy skin, it supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle while regenerates and balances the skin’s moisture content. Helping to increase the hydration of dry skin, skin is left soft and supple.

Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion’s unique ingredient composition is based on natural skin related amino acids, glucose and lipids. Provides dry skin reliable protection against irritation and dryness through lipid erosion.

The gentle wash active complex in combination with re-hydrating capacity of Panthenol is formulated to safeguard and conserve the skin’s moisture balance.

Indication :

  • Very mild and moisturizing cleanser without drying out skin


  • Pour product on palm > lather on hand and apply on both body and face > rinse off
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 6.7 × 4.1 × 16.4 mm
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