Feminine Intimate Wash pH 3.8 200ml

  • Can be used from the start of the first menstrual cycle, throughout the child-bearing years
  • Formulated at pH 3.8 compatible with the intimate area
  • Stabilizes the natural balance of microflora in the female intimate area
  • Gently deodorizes, offers relief & care of the intimate area
  • Supports healing & prevent infections especially after childbirth
  • Care complex with Aloe Vera to soothe irritation & provides moisture


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The female genital area is protected by the natural production of Lactic Acid in the vagina. When young women begin to menstruate, the level of estrogen in the body starts to rise. The pH level of the genitals starts to decrease to a more acidic pH value of 3.8. The gentle pH3.8 formula of Feminine Intimate Wash pH3.8 supports the micro-flora balance of the intimate area. Therefore, it helps to protect against harmful micro-organisms, infections and odour formation. This non-irritating formula naturally soothes and moisturizes with botanical bisabolol and aloe vera. Gentle enough for daily use.


  1. METHOD 1 – Pour out a small amount onto hands (as required). Lather, apply and rinse off.
  2. METHOD 2 – Add a few drops to water, foam lightly and wash.
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 8.6 × 4.3 × 13.8 mm
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