Fresh Deodorant Roll-on – Active 50ml

  • Contains alcohol for cool & fresh feeling
  • Balances skin pH at 5.5 to eliminate body odour
  • Light formula that does not stain, rapidly absorbed
  • Does not damage skin
  • Non-comedogenic


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Body odour is produced due to the enzymatic bacterial activity of breaking down the components of sweat. Note that the use of perfume will only “mask” the body odour. The use of deodorants that clog up sweat pores is not only unhealthy but will also highly irritate sensitive and diseased skin. Our Sebamed Deodorant contains no metal derivatives that can clog up pores and irritate the skin. This “intelligent” deodorant removes body odour through biological action. It is available in two forms; spray or roll on for ease of application.


  1. Tri-ethyl Citrate breakdown, Citric Acid released.
  2. Lower pH
  3. pH of skin comes back to 5.5
  4. Deactivation of odor producing bacteria and bacterial enzymes.
  5. Body odor is eliminated.


Remove cap. Hold roller against skin. Roll-on and apply.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3.6 × 3.6 × 12.8 mm
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