Moisturizing Cream 2% Vit E 50ml

  • Vitamin E enriched to protect against free radicals
  • Helps in skin cell damage
  • Reduces water loss, increases moisture
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Stabilizes acid mantle
  • Prevents formation of wrinkles, lines and dark spot
  • Ideal for face use


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A cream that behaves with properties more like a high quality Vitamin E serum. The Vitamin E binds to cell membrane, acting as a “fence” to prevent free radicals from breaking down the lipid structure of cell membrane. It prevent oxidative damage to skin cells other than stabilizes and repairs skin cell. The luxuriously thick cream is economical as you only need a little amount of product each application. It can be used under make-up as a base as it is a powerful anti-oxidant also on rougher, patchy areas of the skin. Suitable for daily hydration and care of sensitive, normal to oily skin type.

Application: Unscrew cap. Take approx. a pea sized amount/ as desired and lightly massage cream all over face and neck.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 3.5 × 13.3 mm
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