Rausch Original Hair Tincture 200ml

The RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE LINE promotes hair growth by up to 28%. It activates the scalp, making the hair stronger. For a skin-friendly solution in cases of diffuse hair loss, use Ginseng Intensive Fluid. To further strengthen hair & scalp use Swiss Herbal Hair Tonic.


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  • Burdock root extract and essential oils are mildly antiseptic and help to regulate the functions of the scalp
  • Tone and stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation
  • Strengthening the scalp
  • Encouraging hair regrowth
  • Effective special lotion for counteracting round, bald patches
  • No silicones
  • No paraben

Method of Use:

  1. Shampoo & Conditioned your hair
  2. Dry your scalp
  3. Draw 5-6 lines on your scalp with the use of the applicator
  4. Massage gently

Apply on balding patches. In cases of severe hair loss, apply daily to the scalp and massage gently without rubbing. Do not rinse.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 3.60 × 7.60 × 17.50 mm
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