RAUSCH is an exquisite range of Swiss herbal hair and scalp care range of products. Made from the highest quality of herbs sourced from Switzerland and other countries all over the world, RAUSCH takes pride in combining this traditional herbal remedy with the latest research and development ideas to create a herbal-based, yet highly-effective range of hair and scalp care products to tackle most hair and scalp problems sustainably.

From hair loss, to dandruff, coloured hair, damaged hair, fine hair and hypersensitive scalps, RAUSCH has the best herbal solution for your hair and scalp condition.

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A person’s skin is practically ”renewed” every month. In this process dead skin cells are replaced with new ones. Usually it is impossible to see the detached cells with the naked eye. However, if the growing cells form too quickly, the upper cells are unable to break apart from each other and stick together. If


Highly Sensitive Skin & Scalp

Do you suffer from allergies? An allergy is defined as the over-sensitive response of the human body to harmless, foreign substances. Around 30% of the population suffer from allergies. The numbers are increasing but the reasons for this upward trend have not been conclusively explained. However, it is striking that the proportion of allergy sufferers


Hair Loss

Everybody loses hair on a daily basis. The reason is neither alarming nor threatening, but rather a natural “top-end” renewal process. The following occurs: the life expectancy of each individual hair is between four and six years. After that they die and fall out. As long as the hair follicle is intact a new hair



Made in Switzerland: Swiss Herbal Competence Who isn’t aware of the Swiss products, which are saluted throughout the world:  Whether it’s watches, beauty products and pharmaceuticals, cheese, chocolate and herbal sweets – they all have the “Made in Switzerland” quality seal and enjoy the full trust of consumers without exception. This is because what makes

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