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All RAUSCH products are formulated with a large significant proportion of natural substances. It is very important for us to use active ingredients from nature, but for a variety of reasons – such as skin tolerability, using 100% of natural ingredients is not able to achieve that as sometimes natural substances may cause severe allergies to the skin. A 100% natural surfactant also does not clean as thoroughly as the surfactants used at RAUSCH. Therefore, we formulate near-natural solutions at RAUSCH by using as much good substances from nature as much as possible!

All RAUSCH products do not contain any ingredients derived from animal source. We also do not conduct animal testing during the product formulation process.

Many products in the market are “greenwashed”, which refers to conventional cosmetic products with no significant proportion of plant-based ingredients being given a “green sheen”. This can be done through packaging or advertising. The consumer gets the feeling that they are dealing with a product with natural ingredients, even though it may actually only contain a few milligrams.

RAUSCH, on the other hand, guarantees the highest possible percentage of natural raw materials in its products. RAUSCH shampoos contain up to 40% herb extracts and pays particular attention to herb selection. Every single product is based on a specific combination of different herbs which complement each other in their effectiveness. We also offer individual solutions to a wide range of hair types and problems. At RAUSCH, valuable herbal extracts are produced using our own gentle and natural processes. Our Swiss contract farmers grow our plants and herbs and carefully handpicked with great care to controlled standards. We then process, mature and manufacture them in-house to guarantee the high quality and unique effectiveness of RAUSCH products. Like fine wine, these extracts take time to mature before being ready to use as active ingredients in our products. We’re also one of the few players in the market who procure raw materials locally in Switzerland, develop and manufacture our own products.

The recipe for success is simple: a healthy scalp = beautiful hair. We pay attention to the needs of your individual hair type thereby offering you a tailor-made hair care system.

  • What is the condition of your scalp?
  • What is the condition of your hair?
  • Your daily haircare routine/ lifestyle?

Talk to us here and we can recommend the most suitable solution for you according to your individual hair and scalp problem along with some hair care tips to follow!

Although they are both wash-active substances with common chemical structures, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) affect the skin differently. SLS is an effective surfactant but has a high irritancy rate to the skin whereas SLES remains as an effective surfactant but highly unlikely to cause irritations to the skin. Rausch products uses mild surfactant (SLES) of high quality and gentle anionic cleansing substance made from palm kernel oil and coconut oil. It is produced with a high content of saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid (44%), myristic acid (17%) and palmitic acid (8%).


Swiss Herbal Hair Tonic is suitable for all hair and scalp types. It is a tonic used to maintain healthy scalp and prevent unwanted scalp problems like dandruff and itchiness. Those with mild hair loss whereby they experience more hair fall than usual will benefit from this product. It revitalizes, strengthen the scalp and weak hair. It also acts like a “vitamin supplement” for your scalp as it is packed with various natural Swiss herbs which provides nutrients for your scalp to grow healthy hair.

Original Hair Tincture, on the other hand, is suitable for circular hair loss, those who experience bald patches, especially chemotherapy patients. It tones and stimulates the scalp’s blood circulation with active ingredients – essential oils and burdock root. Thereby, strengthens the scalp and encourages hair regrowth.

Original Hair Tincture is suitable for circular hair loss, those with bald patches, especially chemotherapy patients. Tone and stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation. Thereby, strengthens the scalp and encourage hair regrowth

Ginseng Intensive Fluid is, as the name suggests, an intensive solution for those experiencing diffuse hair loss (hair loss in no particular one spot). It is a skin-friendly fluid, that boosts circulation in the scalp effectively counteracting hair loss by using active ingredients – ginseng, basil and nettle. It promotes hair growth particularly in cases of diffuse alopecia, post-partum hair loss, hypersensitive scalp with hair loss (i.e. elderly with thinned skin where blood vessels can be seen from the skin).

Oily dandruff flakes are generally larger than dry ones and has a greasy texture. They are sticky and cling to both scalp and hair. Usually oily flakes are accompanied by redness, occasional scalp acne and an itchy scalp.

Rausch Willow Bark Treatment Line gives lasting relief to stressed scalps by gently eliminating oily flakes and soothing redness and itching. Furthermore, it regulates the functions of the scalp and experience proves it effectively protects against lice infestation (prevention). It consists of Rausch Willow Bark Treatment Shampoo, Rausch Willow Bark Treatment Rinse Conditioner and Rausch Willow Bark Spray Conditioner. With active ingredients of Willow Bark that has astringent properties, soothes irritated scalp, antibacterial and toning. Also, Thyme that has disinfecting and anti-itch properties.

Rausch Seaweed Scalp Pack is suitable for oily scalp while Rausch Wheatgerm Nourishing Pack is for dry scalp.

Rausch Seaweed Scalp Pack prevents the rapid recurrence of greasiness while still moisturizing. It absorbs excess sebum and deodorizes, relieves redness and itchiness.

Rausch Wheatgerm Nourishing Pack regenerates dry and damaged scalp. It provides moisture, gives hair smoothness, elasticity and shine. It is also suitable as an intensive nourishing treatment after sun exposure, sea and chlorinated water

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