Supply and Shipping Strictly for End-Consumers Domiciled in Malaysia Only

  1. All Goods offered for sale on our Website are strictly limited for the purchase and consumption of individual, end-consumers domiciled in Malaysia only.

  2. to be delivered to any address in Malaysia which we have reasonable reason to believe that such Goods purchased are destined for import or export into another country other than Malaysia. We hereby reserve the right to reject any offer to purchase made:

    i) by any individual, corporation or legal entity purchasing for resale or commercial purposes;

    ii) by any individual, corporation or legal entity who are purchasing for the purpose of import or export; or

    iii) by any individual, corporation or legal entity who are not domiciled in Malaysia;

    iv) to be delivered to any address in Malaysia which we have reasonable reason to believe that such Goods purchased are destined for import or export into another country other than Malaysia.

  3. For the avoidance of doubt, any paid Order made by you for purchase of Goods from our Website shall be treated as an offer to purchase of which point-in-time, a binding contract shall not be deemed to concluded. A binding contract shall be concluded between us once your paid Order has been shipped out to your delivery address.

Eligibility to Enjoy Free Shipping with Minimum Purchase

       4. You shall be  entitled to enjoy free shipping for Goods purchased from our Website with a                 minimum spend of RM130 (for West Malaysia delivery address) and RM260 (for East                           Malaysia delivery address).

    Shipping Charges for Parcels Ineligible for Free Shipping

      5. The shipping charges below will apply for your purchases from our Website that do not meet             the Minimum Purchase to enjoy Free Shipping: –

Delivery Address In

Shipping Charges

West Malaysia


East Malaysia


      6. Kindly note that the maximum weight per parcel is capped at 3.0 kg.

Third-Party Logistics (“3PL”) Providers

        7. Eltean reserves the right to effect delivery of any Purchases made by Customers through our              Website by procuring the service of 3PL Providers.

        8. The selection of 3PL Providers for effecting delivery shall be at the sole discretion of Eltean 

        9. All Goods are delivered at the risk of the Customer subject to our Returns & Exchange Policy             and are nominally insured by respective the 3PL Provider(s) (if any) 

      10. Eltean does not guarantee the number of calendar days required for the respective 3PL                      Provider to finally deliver the Goods to the Customer’s delivery address

      11. After the Goods have been handed over to the respective 3PL Provider, the title in the                       Goods shall be deemed to have passed over to the Customer and Eltean shall be resolved of             all liability and risks associated with the delivery of such Goods (save and except for as                       provided in our Returns & Exchange Policy).

Ship Out & Delivery Timeframe

      12. We will endeavour to ship out all Goods purchased from our Website to your indicated                      delivery address which you have provided during Checkout within 1 to 3 working days from               the date of payment for your purchased Goods (“Ship Out Date”).

      13. From the Ship Out Date, you may reasonably expect to receive your purchased Goods                        between:
2 to 5 working days for delivery addresses within West Malaysia; and
            ii)  5 to 10 working days for delivery addresses within East Malaysia

      14. However, unforeseen circumstances may occur that may cause a delay in the actual delivery              time frame. Please contact us if you have not received your purchased Goods after the lapse              of the abovementioned applicable time frame so that we may investigate and obtain the                    delivery status from our respective 3PL Providers. 

Redelivery Charges for Failed Delivery Attempts

       15. We expect our 3PL Provider to take all reasonable steps and measures according to
             their respective standard operating procedures to ensure that your purchased Goods 
             are delivered to your indicated delivery address.

       16. In the event that our appointed 3PL Provider fails to make a delivery to you due to any                      reason that is directly caused or indirectly attributable to you, we will instruct the 3PL                          Provider to return the Goods to our designated warehouse.

       17. The relevant provisions in relation to Non-Delivery in our Refund & Exchange Policy 
             shall apply.

The terms and conditions contained in this Shipping Policy is subject to amendment, modification or change at any time at our sole discretion. The latest, updated Shipping Policy is uploaded on our Website at all material times, which is accessible through the link ( Kindly refer to the current, in force Shipping Policy prior to making any purchase on our Website.

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