The Body’s Defense System

Our body has its own defense system to protect us from unwanted harm. There are 2 types: external defense and internal defense.
External defenses is not specifically directed against any one pathogen but instead provides a shield against harmful external factors such as UV rays, environmental chemicals and all infections.
The human skin falls under external defenses, acting as the first line of defense for our body. 
Did you know that your skin is largest organ of the body? It helps to:
  • protect us from invading bacteria
  • regulate body temperature
  • gives us a sense of touch, heat, cold, pressure
Hence, keeping the skin healthy and moist will help to keep this natural protective barrier strong. 
The skin barrier, the outermost layer of the skin, called the protective acid mantle is responsible in retaining the moisture and filter out the external damaging elements
The skin helps in regulating several aspects of physiology such as the body temperature through sweat glands and hair. Without the skin, we may not have the five senses.
Did you know that our skin has a special feature? Its surface is slightly acidic. The skin surface is composed of a hydrolipid protective layer (the acid mantle) which has an average value of pH5.5. The acidic pH value stabilizes the skin’s function as a barrier, locks in hydration and wards off pathogens that can cause disease. 

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